Lift Them Up


Lift Them Up Foundation (LITU) has two founders,and today meet Lilian Sabuni one among the founder of Lift Them Up foundation, ,her mother died when she was primary five,since there she was taking by her grandma Neatness, her grandma raised her,giving her education untill she was able to graduate Bachelor of Arts in Community Economic Development.Her grandma got some support from her friends from Sweden where they sponsored Lilian untill she became independent and adult young woman.
Lilian says this couldn’t be possible if she wasn’t sponsored.
And now she want to give back to the community by serving unprivileged children and youth to assist them on reaching their goals.
Lilian loves children and youth,she is always a humble and fighter woman when it comes to youth and children dream!!! She have been working with Compassion International Tanzania in one among it’s church Partner, but due to phase out of program in that church,Lilian decided to found Lift them up foundation in order to still serving children,youth and community because she have an everlasting love for Them.