Lift Them Up


This is a non-governmental organization founded in 2021 that aims to rid the Tanzanian society of three enemies which are ignorance, disease and poverty.


“To have a better nation with improved understanding that will contribute effectively to individual and national development.”


“We and our various partners will contribute in terms of materials things, money and knowledge to support education to young people, also to partner with the government through its various programs in providing various technical Vocation to the people.”


1. Raising awareness about  the advantage of good moral in the society, so that young people will exclude themselves from evil doings and engage in develepment actvities.
2. Empower the life skills of young people in various categories in order for them to be able to utilise the resources present in thier surroundings.
3. Promote the good traditional of Tanzania such as helping each other, cooperation and learning good things from others.
4. Empower the hidden talents of  youth such as sports, comeds.
5. Empower the life of Tanzanian women especially building capacity in self reliance and financial status