Lift Them Up


How to get involved

 A Person can make either financial donation or material donation at the same time. Sponsorship can be either to a specific child or children. In case of financial donation, a sponsor can make a wire transfer to Lift them up Home Bank account. For the bank account details please feel free to contact us. Material donations should be sent via postal address P.o Box 2161, Arusha – Tanzania. When a sponsor need to sponsor a certain child, we can calculate the total costs for the specific child a sponsor need and then can be sent via email.

 How to become A Sponsor

  1. Choose to pay school fees for a particular child for a certain amount of time. (“Example Until he or she finishes his secondary education.”)
  2. Choose to pay school fees for a particular child until she or he finishes his university education. 
  3. Choose to donate a certain amount once or each year towards,  which will help us cover school fees for the Lift them Up children who do not have a sponsor.