Lift Them Up


Lift Them Up (LITU) foundation was started in 2020 but formally registered on May 2021 with the aim of resolving development challenges within Nasholi Village at Kikatiti-Arusha.
Abel Bisibana (Director) and Lilian Sabuni (CEO) are founders of Lift Them Up they have extended the definition of women empowerment,child Development and welfare,childcare,life skills for youth,healthcare promotion within the community,conservation farming and promoting the use of volunteers and interns in learning and embracing cultural diversity.
Lift Them Up children’s center, it’s core mission is to help poor children in their academic endeavors, emotional development, physical wellbeing through full time daycare.LITU’s children care center is a residential community center for children who are very poor,can’t afford all basic requirements and essential human beings requirements.This center provides early childhood education for children aged 2-6 years to prepare them for formal education.LITU children center started with 2 children from very poor families on May 2021, later on the children’s arises up 15,we are renting even though we have a vision of having our own land and to build our own center, These children are from diverse ethnic and religious affiliation.We believe in equal access to education empowerment of marginalized community and brighter tomorrow where these children are the heroes of their own story.